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Philadelphia's industrial districts supported an array of mills and plants whose diversity has scarcely been matched anywhere in the history of manufacturing.  The reputation for producing quality goods has been world renown.   Moxie Cycling is proud to say our apparel is made by the hard-working people of Philadelphia, Pa.  Our collection of women's cycling jerseys, pants and shorts are produced with responsibly sourced  performanced based fabric.  Many pieced are made with recycled fabric and it is our goal to move toward 100%  recycled fabric.

Tough Durable Mountain Bike Pants for Women

Mountain bike pants with integrated G-Form Knee Pads. Thoughtfully designed for comfort while pedaling, durability at impact points and style all the time!   G-Form
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G-Form Collab

Unique Women's Cycling Jerseys

Moxie Favorites

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New Moxie Tee Styles

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