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7 Reasons To Carry Women’s Specific Cycling Apparel in Your Store

More women are riding bikes than ever before! And we are here to show you how easy it is to attract more women cyclists and keep women coming back into your store. You probably have a few pieces in your store. Or carry one of the major brands' basics and think that's enough. But the fact is women like variety. And more women are riding bikes than ever before. You can capture this sales trend. Check out our list of 7 reasons why you should carry more wom

en-specific apparel in your store.

1. Comfort Makes her Happier Riding Your Bike!

Cycling apparel has specific features to make you more comfortable, more efficient, more protected, and generally happier riding your bike. This is even more true with women’s specific clothes. The majority of women riding today are not racers. And they don't want “race” clothes. Comfort is more important than speed. But performance is important. High-performance clothing keeps you dry, is lightweight and fits well and helps make her ride more enjoyable.

2. It’s All About Her

Today’s female cyclists don't want to wear mens styled clothing. They are not interested in men’s clothes shrunk down to women’s sizes. Or the same clothes that are in every shop and on every rider. Women cyclists have their own unique identity and want products that cater directly to them. Bikes made for women, shoes made for women and clothes made for women.

3. Fixie Styles that Don’t Change!

We have found small bike shops have been hesitant to carry women’s specific apparel because they cannot move enough of it fast enough and it ends up going on sale at the end of the season. By offering stores with fixie or styles that do not change year to year. Moxie Cycling provides a variety of options that will not change and can be brought back each year. And the ability to “fill in” sizes easily and quickly to keep your shop looking full and up-to-date.

4. Mountain Bike Basics for Her too

Women’s specific mountain bike shorts are a MUST. Men’s shorts do not work for men and women like colors and styles that flatter them on and off the bike. Comfortable black shorts are a great start to your women’s collection. As are a few stylish jerseys that are made specifically for women and performance oriented. Women love to match their outfits and their bikes! The perfect women’s cycling section in your store will include road and mountain bike jerseys with coordinating shorts and cycling pants. As well as accessories, such as socks, gloves and water bottle cages all planned for mixing and matching.

5. Fixie Mountain Bike Shorts

Spandex is not the only bike short needed in your store today. The “baggie” short is a must but not necessarily “baggie.” The large oversized short started with men’s mountain bike shorts and just copies over to women. Not flattering and not comfortable. Women’s specific mountain bike shorts should fit comfortably without being too baggy. Fit smoothly around the waist and hips and loosen at the lower thighs. Moxie Cycling’s mountain bike apparel line Wickedgirl has the perfect fitting mountain bike shorts for women with many prints to choose from.

The Mountain short is lightweight, has 4 way stretch and a yoga waistband that is slightly higher to keep from riding down. They are also designed to have the pockets placed in strategic locations. Yes women like pockets even more than men do! Store your phone, map and snacks with easy access on the trail. Our new Steezy Stretch shorts will have an option of a built-in Italian chamois. Super comfort without the bulk of 2 pairs of shorts. Coming Spring 2023.

6. Standout Jerseys

Women’s specific cycling jerseys are not necessarily for racing. More women are riding for fun and don't want the “race” cut. Plus with the increase in women riding for fun so goes the increase in body sizes. Beginner to expert riders all need some basic features. Performance based, moisture wicking fabric is necessary for comfortable riding. Women’s specific cut makes a looser fitting jersey look good and stay in place. And specs like longer cut backs, back pockets, and built-in sports bras makes one jersey stand out from another.

Cycling jerseys are also designed to cover farther down your back than a regular t-shirt. Remember, when you are riding a bike you are leaning forward a little or a lot! When you lean forward, the back of your shirt comes up. When the back of your shirt comes up, you run the risk of giving the riders behind you a little show! Nobody wants to see that. A cycling jersey will cover more of your backside when you ride and keep everyone happy!

If you don’t like the looks or fit of a traditional cycling jersey, no worries! There are baggy jerseys that give you the benefits of moisture transfer that cotton doesn’t but they fit more like a regular t-shirt with the benefits of covering lower in back. Most of these baggy jerseys don’t have the traditional pockets in the back that you will find on other cycling jerseys but many do include hidden pockets to stash a couple of things. But, here’s a mind-blower! Many companies make cycling bibs with pockets built in! This allows you to wear a baggy jersey and still have cargo pockets up and out of the way to carry your essential supplies!

7. Beyond Basics

Growing your women’s cycling section in your store can benefit by caring for unique women’s items that are cutting edge in style and design. More cyclists are wearing protective pads while riding than ever before. Knee and arm pads keep you from heading to the emergency room rather than the next trail. Wickedgirl has teamed up with G-Form Pads to create a collection of protective pants and jerseys that keep the pads in place and look great!

Wickedgirl Trail pants have hit the market with their unique design. The G-Form pads are sewn on the outside of the pants. They have a spandex compression panel behind the knee to keep them in place. And the Wickedgirl Drop In pants have an inside pocket to “Drop In” your G-Form pads and remove when needed.

Now is the time to take your women’s cycling section to the next level! Moxie Cycling is offering a starter package with Free Shipping on the first order.


So those are the facts. The more standout apparel you carry for women the more women in your store. Women specific cycling apparel helps women be more comfortable and feel more accepted on the bike, regardless of the type of rider they are. Which makes cycling more fun! And the more fun you have the more you’ll ride. For a wide selection of the women’s apparel in cycling, check out Moxie Cycling Company’s wholesale website.

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